Salem Township trustees ponder road agreements

August 7, 2012

FRANKLIN SQUARE, Ohio - One of the more challenging road use management agreements could be for the proposed Maroscher well on Salem-Grange Road in Salem Township.

During a recent trustee meeting, a RUMA for the well was discussed at length.

RUMAs are agreements between government agencies and oil and gas companies requiring the companies to keep the roads in good condition.

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To obtain access to the well, Chesapeake proposed through the Civil Engineers, Architects and Surveyors firm that access be made from state Route 558.

Heston said the RUMA plan that was presented calls for the approach from state Route 45 onto state Route 558 heading east and then turning onto Salem-Grange Road.

"Essentially making a U-turn," Bill Heston said.

Heston explained the well site, which has the pad installed, is located approximately two-tenths of a mile up Salem-Grange Road from where it splits from state Route 558.

It is up the steeply-graded hill and just across the road from the cemetery.

Randy Hall of CEAS designs access roads for Chesapeake and attended the trustee meeting Wednesday to obtain approval for road sample core drillings on Lisbon, Butcher and McCracken roads.

A former Carroll County engineer, Hall said the core samples, obtained by the Timmerman Geotech Grp. in Akron, are used to determine the formulation of materials needed to reinforce the road.

Once a RUMA for Salem-Grange Road is obtained, core samples will be drilled from it.

Trustee Chairman John Wilms pointed out the difficulty large trucks will have maneuvering back and forth to the well site. Heston and Trustee Ray Heddleson agreed and chimed in.

Wilms even suggested connecting the Maroscher well with the Rifle well now be constructed off of state Route 45, northwest of the Maroscher well.

Instead of accessing the well from Salem-Grange Road, Wilms suggested building a cross-country road to connect the two.

Hall said he would mention the suggestion to Chesapeake but cautioned that once Chesapeake makes up its mind, that's it.

Heston said the cross-country suggestion was a good idea and figured the distance was about a half-mile "as the crow flies."

Heston later said that Hall can make the suggestion, "but you can read between the lines" that if Chesapeake has made up its mind it won't change.

But, Heston said, "It's still going to be hard to make that u-turn" and he expects they'll sit down and explain what they're going to do.

"We can't make any decisions until they come to us," Heston said.

Fiscal Officer Cathy Wilms said, "I hope he (Hall) takes the trustees concerns seriously; that's for real."

Hall said they have had "real good success with company ... you'll be impressed with the amount of material that will be used on your roads" adding that "Chesapeake will take responsibility of the roads."

At the meeting, Heston also advised Hall about the township's snow removal procedures and anything more than routine will be taken care of by Chesapeake, Hall said.



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